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Preliminary Report:  First Impressions Of Expanded Forces

Today my mailbox was graced with the latest Supremacy 2020 expansions from Command Post Games.  For those who don’t know. These are all new units to add to our arsenal – Fighters, Bombers, Carriers, Subs, MBTs, and SLBMs.

Once the rules sink in and I get a game or 2 under my belt, I can do a more thorough review.  For now, my first impressions:

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Rules Q&A

This is a more thorough rules Q&A that I have compiled from the CPG website, the forums at the BGG, and personal e-mail correspondences with Marshall Barrington (Supremacy 2020’s Commander in Chief).   It’s a lot of “cut & paste” with minimal editing for clarity or brevity.  The answers are 99.9% Marshall’s exact words.
This is not an official document, but it has Marshall’s approval:

“Yes, this looks pretty good”
-Marshall Barrington

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What Do You Want To See In The Next Expansion?

Supremacy 2020 is not short on expansions by any means.
So Far We have:

  • New Player Factions (Brazil, Middle East, Terrorist)
  • New Scenarios (WWIII, ACWII)
  • Non-Player Factions (Minors, Fortuna)
  • New Conventional Forces (MBTs, Fighters, etc)
  • New Strategic Forces (Bombers & SLBMs)
  • Accessories (Diplomatic Kit, Component upgrades, etc).

As well as:

  • Biological/Chemical/Cyber Warfare (in development)
  • Miniatures Of War (in development)
  • Officers (Field Marshal Program exclusive)

But with 3 years to go before apocalyptic 2020, I think there’s time for 1 or 2 more.
So what kind of Supremacy 2020 expansion do you want CPG to work on next?

Disclaimer – the category title “Democracy” is just for fun.  Results will have zero bearing on what CPG does or does not choose to produce in the future.


I will be running a Supremacy 2020 demo for International Table Top Day in association with 902 Tabletop Gaming!  902 Gaming is a private group, but guests are welcome – contact me if you want an invite.

The event runs from 1000 hours – 2200 hours (2017/04/29).  Supremacy 2020 time slots TBA.

Location – Dartmouth NS (contact me for specifics)

This event is meant to cater to the gamer in you vs the typical Tabletop day events where the general public is invited to try designer games. Other entities are taking care of building the gaming community with various public events around town. Our event is to provide a venue where you can play those longer games you normally don’t have the time or like minded players to enjoy. We aren’t trying to compete with other events, just offering something different. The games library at this event will also reflect this.

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Why I Love Supremacy 2020

I guess it’s no secret I’m a bit of a fan boy!  I promote and support the game because I love it and I want to spread the joy.  That’s well and good – everybody knows I like this game!  Of course that doesn’t mean you’ll like it.  So I present a short list of my 10 favourite things about my all time favourite game.  I hope this will give you an better idea if Supremacy 2020 is the game for you:  Continue reading Why I Love Supremacy 2020

Basic Training – Tips For A Solid Game

Here are some quick pointers to help avoid pit-falls.  Keep in mind that Supremacy 2020 is incredibly dynamic – sometimes a bit of a roller coaster.  Versatility and adaptability are paramount, but the following tips will serve you well most of the time.


  • Negotiate your blockades.

Most players will not pay salaries for companies potentially under blockade. If you offer to seize only some of the resources, they will likely accept your terms.

  • Set up your blockades during the combat phase.

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Better (in the) Red Than Dead: Managing Debt In Supremacy 2020

A Fact Of Life

Okay – nobody likes debt!  Not in real life, and not in games.  It costs money in the long term, and in the short term make you feel powerless and trapped.  But avoiding debt at all costs isn’t necessarily the best fiscal management.  Borrowing money can fund a fantastic enterprise – how many successful businesses have never once made use of credit?  On the other end, borrowing can save your butt from external pressures.  For most, debt is a fact of life.

Supremacy 2020 is no different.  The international banks can fund a glorious campaign – or save your nation against impending doom.  Continue reading Better (in the) Red Than Dead: Managing Debt In Supremacy 2020