Next Gen Hardware

New units are in stock!

Main Battle Tanks & Subs
Fighters & Carriers
Bombers & Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles

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Unconventional Forces?

This picture is on the CPG homepage, with no information besides “In Development“.  It looks like the old Unconventional Forces expansion – Chemical Warfare, Biological Warfare, and Saboteurs (more likely Cyber-Attacks).   The image downloaded as UW-sample2.jpg, So I’m guessing this expansion will be called Unconventional Weapons, or Unconventional Warfare.

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Imperialist Expansions

News from the front:

Command Post Games has released another expansion for Supremacy 2020!  This is a reimplementation of the popular Fortuna expansion from the 1980s classic, and marks the fourth official expansion for Supremacy 2020 (others including Brick & Minors, Rising CrescentSecond American Civil War, and Resource Deck 2).

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