I will be running a Supremacy 2020 demo for International Table Top Day in association with 902 Tabletop Gaming!  902 Gaming is a private group, but guests are welcome – contact me if you want an invite.

The event runs from 1000 hours – 2200 hours (2017/04/29).  Supremacy 2020 time slots TBA.

Location – Dartmouth NS (contact me for specifics)

This event is meant to cater to the gamer in you vs the typical Tabletop day events where the general public is invited to try designer games. Other entities are taking care of building the gaming community with various public events around town. Our event is to provide a venue where you can play those longer games you normally don’t have the time or like minded players to enjoy. We aren’t trying to compete with other events, just offering something different. The games library at this event will also reflect this.


Location information:
ATU Union hall Basement
Attendance is limited to 40 people at once.
Parking is very limited and mostly on street.
Use either the side or rear entrance to get in.
We will have a games Library of 100+ games
There will be some scheduled demos and games( to be released later)
There will be no less than 5 open tables for people to use and play whatever they want.
There will be a Keurig, tea kettle and Microwave available for use. Please be aware should you want to use them you will be required to bring everything you need ( cup, tea bag/ kcup, utensils).

Food etiquette:

No food at the tables unless you own the game and say it’s okay.
Drinks must be covered (ie water bottles) while at the gaming table
Please use common sense in protecting the games from damage (these aren’t Cafe games)

How to get there.
Taking transit to the location in most cases require you to take a bus to the bridge terminal. From there you can either walk ( 10 min ) or take the 52 Crosstown to Burnside ( Bay 14) 53 Nottingpark (Bay 15) and get off at the stop called Wyse road after Boland. or you could Take 16 ( Bay 8) Lacewood Terminal. Get off at the stop called Wyse road before Boland. From Lacewood you can take the 52( stop remains the same as listed above) and 16 directly from there ( stop is Boland before wyse). From Mumford you can take the 52 directly.
We will not be selling food at the location, but within walking distance is a huge amount of food options some of which are as follows.
-No frills
-3 Tim Hortons’
-2 pizza places
-Chinese food


Return fire!

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