What Do You Want To See In The Next Expansion?

Supremacy 2020 is not short on expansions by any means.
So Far We have:

  • New Player Factions (Brazil, Middle East, Terrorist)
  • New Scenarios (WWIII, ACWII)
  • Non-Player Factions (Minors, Fortuna)
  • New Conventional Forces (MBTs, Fighters, etc)
  • New Strategic Forces (Bombers & SLBMs)
  • Accessories (Diplomatic Kit, Component upgrades, etc).

As well as:

  • Biological/Chemical/Cyber Warfare (in development)
  • Miniatures Of War (in development)
  • Officers (Field Marshal Program exclusive)

But with 3 years to go before apocalyptic 2020, I think there’s time for 1 or 2 more.
So what kind of Supremacy 2020 expansion do you want CPG to work on next?

Disclaimer – the category title “Democracy” is just for fun.  Results will have zero bearing on what CPG does or does not choose to produce in the future.


Return fire!

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