Supremacy 2020 At Geequinox 2017

Two more demos on the horizon as Supremacy 2020 comes to Spring Geequinox 2017:

2017/04/22   &   2017/04/23
1200 hours – 1600 hours
Halifax Forum 2901 Windsor Street MPC Room
Gaming Area, Table 1

“Each spring the hibernating geek awakes from their winter torpor hungry to consume large amounts of popular culture. Leaving their winter dens, and basements, the Maritime geek seeks out locations rich in their favorite fandom to nourish their soul. Many can be observed migrating to the rich feeding grounds that is the Spring Geequinox.

It is here, they find nourishment and socialisation in the form of: cosplay, a wide array of tabletop and video gaming, workshops, live shows, and over 80 vendors of geek centric goods and services. For the next 2 days, the geek gorges itself on their most favored activities, happy and sated, ready to begin their year anew.

PigMonkey Andrew Dorfman
Geeks versus Nerds


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