Next Gen Hardware

New units are in stock!

Main Battle Tanks & Subs
Fighters & Carriers
Bombers & Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles


“This exciting expansion breaks out armor as a separate force. Armored spearheads will now slice through the enemies defense shattering the stalemate of trench warfare.

Your Subs can move undetected through the seas. They can surface at will to strike first and target the enemy’s resources transported by sea”.

“Air superiority is critical in all facets of war. Fighters-Carriers-01Fighters will give you the edge on both offense and defense. Project your air power at sea with Carriers to dominate naval battles and hunt Subs.

Your Fighters can also protect you from strategic Bombers, conduct ASW, take out enemy MBTs and make quick work of Minor powers”.

“Fill out your nuclear triad with this all Bombers-SLBMs-01new expansion. The enemy’s SLBMs can strike with enough speed and surprise to destroy your ICBMs in their silos!

Don’t worry. Your Bombers can deliver your revenge from the grave but only if they can get through the enemy’s Fighter screens.

With the right combination, nuclear war can be winnable”.

The arms race is on!


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