Unconventional Forces?

This picture is on the CPG homepage, with no information besides “In Development“.  It looks like the old Unconventional Forces expansion – Chemical Warfare, Biological Warfare, and Saboteurs (more likely Cyber-Attacks).   The image downloaded as UW-sample2.jpg, So I’m guessing this expansion will be called Unconventional Weapons, or Unconventional Warfare.

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Imperialist Expansions

News from the front:

Command Post Games has released another expansion for Supremacy 2020!  This is a reimplementation of the popular Fortuna expansion from the 1980s classic, and marks the fourth official expansion for Supremacy 2020 (others including Brick & Minors, Rising CrescentSecond American Civil War, and Resource Deck 2).

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Supremacy 2020 at Hal-Con 2016

Hi Luke,

Thanks for applying to volunteer as part of the Gaming Team at Hal-Con 2016! I am pleased to let you know that your application has been accepted. We will contact you later this year with information on volunteer training sessions and your volunteer schedule.

Please confirm you have received this message.

Thanks again for your interest in Hal-Con!


Jason Smith
Gaming Team Co-Lead
Hal-Con – Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Gaming Convention
World Trade & Convention Centre + The Scotia Bank Centre
Schedule of Supremacy demos TBA.