Why I Love Supremacy 2020

I guess it’s no secret I’m a bit of a fan boy!  I promote and support the game because I love it and I want to spread the joy.  That’s well and good – everybody knows I like this game!  Of course that doesn’t mean you’ll like it.  So I present a short list of my 10 favourite things about my all time favourite game.  I hope this will give you an better idea if Supremacy 2020 is the game for you: 

  • It’s brutal!

On top of being a free-for-all multiplayer elimination war game, you can be decimated by nukes, cut off your production, and/or find yourself trapped in the downward spiral of debt and ultimately bankruptcy.  This is not for the feint of heart!

  • It’s action packed.

Not much room for turtling in this game.  Resource producing companies (the heart of the economy) are spread at random throughout the globe.  You’ll need to leave your comfy borders and fight for these if you want to stay relevant.

  • It’s simple.

Supremacy 2020 is a “lite war-game” that’s easy to play and learn.  The rules fit into 9 half size-pages (with large print).  This is not Axis & Allies or Twilight Imperium!  If you can play Risk (and you want a little more depth and detail), you can play Supremacy 2020.

  • It’s Deep.

The rules are simple, and you can have lots of fun just sipping beer and munching on pretzels; launching the occasional nuke.  But for your more competitive gamers there is a vast array of strategies and no shortage of variables to consider.  You will not be bored!

  • It’s Dynamic.

In addition to the variable set up, the board and game state is in constant flux.  This keeps us on our toes and rewards the players who bring a flexible game plan and can foresee multiple possibilities.  It also makes for near infinite replayability – games are never the same.

  • It’s Beautiful.

The art is classic 1980s retro future – everything looks ultra modern and overly digital.  The colours are bright and bold!  I personally love the basic Euclidean armies and navies; but if you prefer miniatures those are currently in development too.

  • Expansions!

Okay, I am an expansion pig!  So far CPG has released 2 alternate scenarios (American Civil War II & BRIC WWIII), Fortuna (random global events), 2 extra player factions (including optional rules for a Terrorist player), a 2nd Resource Deck, Minor Powers (NPC nations), deluxe component upgrades, and diplomatic accessories (treaties, etc).  New military units, miniatures, and Biological/Chemical/Cyber warfare expansions are currently under development.  Not a bad spread!

  • Nukes!

I grew up in the 1980s, and nukes were all the buzz.  30 years later and still nothing beats the looks on you friends’ faces when you’re on the attack and you reach for than ominous bag of plastic mushroom clouds…  😀

  • It’s Bone-Chillingly Accurate.

CPGs predicted the Brexit years ago (UK/Commonwealth is a separate player from the EU).  The modern world is frightening – gone is the peace and stability of the late 20th century.  Supremacy 2020 simulates this fear and uncertainty to a tee.  Will there be a major world crisis by the year 2020?  We can only hope they got that wrong!

  • A Diverse Appeal

I’ve found that people enjoy Supremacy for lots of different reasons, and it attracts different styles of gamers.  For those who play, what makes Supremacy 2020 special to you?


Return fire!

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