Unconventional Forces?

This picture is on the CPG homepage, with no information besides “In Development“.  It looks like the old Unconventional Forces expansion – Chemical Warfare, Biological Warfare, and Saboteurs (more likely Cyber-Attacks).   The image downloaded as UW-sample2.jpg, So I’m guessing this expansion will be called Unconventional Weapons, or Unconventional Warfare.

Lots to wonder about here.

Does Disrupt cause 1 ICBM to fail, or the entire volley? Can you bypass an entire counter-value strike with this card?  Will it also stop SLBMs?  I can’t imagine it has much effect against Strategic Bombing.

Exchange seems pretty powerful too.  A player who needs the market for 1 or more resource types could be rendered incapable of a counter-attack if they are cut off from the market.  That’s a lot of punch!

Will Chemical Attacks work similarly to the old edition (extra fire power in conventional combat), or is this its own brand new action?  Will Biological Warfare tie into the viral outbreaks in Fortuna 2020?

Will these technologies be researched ala nukes and ABMs from the resource deck, or do we acquire them through some other means?  For now it’s anyone’s guess, but we can be pretty sure these will throw a big wrench into our strategies! Can’t wait to see the final product.


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