More About The New Units

Command Post has released more pictures of their upcoming unit expansions.  Looks like we’ll be getting:

  • Submarines
  • SLBMs
  • Carriers
  • Bombers
  • Fighters
  • Main Battle Tanks

Not too shabby an arsenal!


Note also an upgrade to the basic armies and navies.  The armies have distinguished tops/bottoms, which can facilitate house rules (and mark minor armies as being purchased vs built).
I did a bit of digging in the BGG threads and found these comments from the publisher:

“That’s what the minis will do. MBTs and Fighters will fire 1st, before Armies. Once the Superpowers build these, they can make short work of the neutrals”.


“The plan is that SLBMs can target and destroy ICBMs before they can launch. A counter is that you can built Strat Bombers. These can’t be targeted by an SLBM strike, but they can be intercepted and shot down by fighters.

The fighters will also be able to support ground attacks. The fighters fire first and can target specific pieces”.



Of course these posts are two or three years old, and a lot might have changed in development.  Nevertheless, it’s fun to speculate!

  • Fighters will cost more than MBTs.  Apparently they have similar (possibly identical) abilities in conventional combat, but the fighters also intercept strategic bombers and can land on carriers.  I suspect they also have superior movement and can defend themselves while at sea.
  • These will be sold as 3 products (2 new units per).  This is based on the pictures from CPG I posted in a previous entry.  It looks like Bombers & SLBMs  will be sold together, MBTs will be sold with Subs, leaving Carriers & Fighters as the 3rd package.
  • This suggests to me that SLBMs will be playable with or without actual submarine units!  I guess they could exist on our supply cards ala ICBMs, with no specific location until they are launched.   I assume the SLBMs would be packaged with the Subs if they relied on each other to function.
  • Strategic Bombers are not made for conventional warfare.  After all, they are strategic bombers!  The comments specify that fighters can support ground attacks, but mention of the Bombers.  This would also explain the pairing with SLBMs – this is the strategic weapons expansion.
  • These are going to totally rock!

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