Imperialist Expansions

News from the front:

Command Post Games has released another expansion for Supremacy 2020!  This is a reimplementation of the popular Fortuna expansion from the 1980s classic, and marks the fourth official expansion for Supremacy 2020 (others including Brick & Minors, Rising CrescentSecond American Civil War, and Resource Deck 2).


Read about it here, then purchase it here.  😀

Also it appears we have some all new hardware coming with Supremacy 2020’s first miniature expansion: Main Battle Tanks & Subs, plus Bombers & Submarine Launched Strategic Missiles!


While there has been no official announcement, these images appear on the CPG Blog as test pieces.

I have yet to play these.  I’ll be ordering Fortuna soon, and the others after they’re released.  But here are my initial (quick) thoughts…


IMO Supremacy has always stood out among other similar games by its modern world setting (most such lite war games are either historic or based in fantasy/science-fiction).  When I play Supremacy, I like to imagine I am steering my nation through all the perils of today’s increasingly instable global theatre.  Fortuna 2020 will bring the board to life as the smaller countries affect the market, ramp up their armies, seize companies, attack their neighbors, and even develop nuclear weapons!

Because this is what Fortuna 2020 does.  No more earthquakes, typhoons, or solar flares!  This new expansion focuses entirely on the banana republics and tin plated dictators stirring the global pot.  I suppose the pandemic outbreaks are akin to natural disaster.  On the other hand, even these are likely the result of biological weapons research gone awry.  Also they are cool and I’m keen to see how they play out.

Overall this should add wonderful flavour to the game, as well as some curve balls for us scheming world conquerors – and all with minimal cost in rules complexity.

Miniatures Of War

Main Battle Tanks are awesome, but not even the best offering here! MBTs are ground units, and building them will have pros and cons compared to simply spending equal money and resources on more basic armies.  They will allow us to customize our ground forces but also give us more logistic freedom.  I recall reading that forces with tanks would have a big advantage vs forces with no tanks (facilitating, among other things, the easy conquest of minor nations).

The Subs and Bombers will be the real score here I think.  Supremacy also distinguishes itself as the only lite war game about nuclear warfare.  It’s only fitting this aspect of the game be expanded – and you can’t properly represent nuclear war without bombers and subs!

In the 1980s game, SLBMs were harder to hit with L-Stars – and I expect to see something similar here (apparently these will be distinct from regular ICBMs).  Will the bombers and SLBMs similarly evade ABMs?  Can bombers be intercepted?  Will these add a new element of counterforce tactics?

I’m hoping subs, but especially bombers double as conventional weapons.  Air power is assumed to be included in basic armies and navies, but we should have the means to conduct a dedicated air strike from further distances (and without committing boots or boats to the battle).  Real air force will be well received.

We’ll have to wait and see.  I’m personally very excited, and will review these expansions properly as soon I’ve had a chance to play them!


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