What’s your favourite nation?


4 thoughts on “What’s your favourite nation?

  1. Obviously your choice should depend on the number of players in the game. If some of them already have picked, this is even more relevant (you don’t want to be cramped for space).

    All things being equal, I like The Commonwealth. As CW, I am hard to conquer and can easily access any region. I also enjoy the navy heavy approach which the CW commonly employs. And lest we forget that brilliant shade of mauve!


  2. I agree. I love the CW! You can strike everywhere. I’m all about Navies. “We chase, they run.”

    A close 2nd for me is Russia. You can steam roll the EU, China or the Middle East. That’s pretty fun too.

    But then I do also like Japan….. I guess these are my top 3.

    The US just seems so isolated. It takes a few turns just to build up forces and bases to reach anything important. By then, everything is already getting out of control.


    1. I’ve yet to play the US.

      Funny you mentioned Japan. I recently picked last in a three player game vs Middle East and USA. I didn’t want the Commonwealth because I’d be a lot closer to each opponent than they were to each other. I took Japan! I found it hard to defend though.

      I also have greatly enjoyed playing the Middle East because I am an oil pig. 😉


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