The Blog Is Launched!


Welcome to The Field Marshal’s Handbook!

Supremacy has long been among my all-time favourite games.  I was pleased as punch to back the Kickstarter and help Command Post Games to produce this faster, funner and fixed revision.  The game has been AWOL far too long, and was badly in  need of an update besides.

The Kickstarter was a smash success, but I wanted to do more!  Supremacy was a true classic, and should belong to the ages alongside Risk, Diplomacy, and Axis & Allies.  Many great games have dedicated fan sites, and I figure Supremacy 2020 should be no exception.  And so I present The Field Marshal’s Handbook.

My goal is to promote the game and to help bring its fans together.  The content I intend to provide includes:

  • Reviews
  • Strategy Articles/Tidbits
  • House Rules
  • Photos & Session Reports From Private Games Or Demos
  • Custom Components
  • A Venue For Comments/Discussion

I am not the most web/computer savvy person you have ever met, so this will be a learning process.  But web design is not nuclear science!  I am confident that I create and maintain a well organised and user friendly site.  I will endeavour to keep it relevant, fresh, and entertaining.  May fortune favour the bold.




Return fire!

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